Company History

History of the company is connected with development of Polish automotive industry. The plant was established in 1945 and at first it rendered services for agriculture. As the time was passing it was changing its profile and extending its operation. Production assortment included cable and electrotechnical accessories, lighting and signal cases, electric wires for vehicles and combustion engines, low voltage wire harness, battery and ignition cables as well as tool designing and making: injection moulds for plastic moulding, stamping dies, blanking dies, crimping dies and bending dies, etc.

In 1988 ZEM launched production of lamps for Polonez and then broadened its offer with complete lighting for modernized bodies of Caro, Atu, Caro Plus, Atu Plus and Truck.

In 1997 Sungsan-ZEM was established, joint venture with a foreign partner – Sung San Co., Ltd. from Korea. And on the basis of gained experience and production capacity they started production of lamps for Lanos, Lublin III and Matiz.

  • 1945 – Establishment of ZEM as Repair Plant for Agricultural Machines & Equipment
  • 1962 – Production start of components for automotive industry
  • 1965 – Production of tools: injection moulds for plastic moulding, stamping dies, blanking dies and crimping dies, bending dies, etc.
  • 1968 – Production start of battery and ignition cables
  • 1988 – Production start of rear combination lamps for Polonez
  • 1991 – Production of combination headlamps for Polonez
  • 1993 – Production of lens for Fiat Cinquecento rear lamps in cooperation with Magneti-Marelli
  • 1995 – Production of rear combination lamps and stop lamps for Polonez Atu
  • 1996
    – Achievement of ISO 9002:1994 Certificate;
    – Establishment of joint venture – Daewoo-FSO Motor S.A.
  • 1997 – Establishment of Sungsan-ZEM Poland Co. Ltd.
  • 1997 – Production start of Lanos lighting
  • 1998 – Production start of Polonez Truck lighting
  • 1999
    – Production start of headlamps for Lublin III;
    – Production of lens for Skoda Octavia in cooperation with Automotive Lighting;
    – Achievement of ISO 9002:1994 Certificate within the scope of car lighting
  • 2000
    – Production start of Matiz lighting;
    – Achievement of Delivery Quality Certificates FSO – DF100Q
  • 2001 – Production of lens and housing for Fiat Uno, Punto & VW Passat
  • 2002
    – Production of elements for room lights for Philips and export to France and Germany;
    – Implementation start of Lean Manufacturing philosophy and tools
  • 2003 – Achievement of ISO 9001:2000 Certificate
  • 2004
    – Production of injected, painted and metal coated subassemblies for Toyota, Ford, Peugeot and Audi lamps;
    – Export start of Lanos lamps to AvtoZAZ in Zaporoze in Ukraine
  • 2006 – Production of lens and housing for Opel Astra rear lamps
  • 2007
    – Achievement of ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certificate
    – implementation of integrated software SAP
  • 2009 – Achievement of ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
  • 2010 – Production of injected and painted subassemblies for DELPHI  „(currently BorgWarner)”

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We have been operating since 1945

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