In our laboratories we perform photometric, endurance and resistance tests as well as calibration of control & measure devices.

Testing, measuring and calibrating are conducted by qualified staff with large experience and motivation.

Available research equipment and accessory, among others:

Photometric sphere

Photometric sphere

Product testing

  • full dimension (25m) photometric tunnel adjusted to all kinds of tests and measurements of light spreading and luminosity;
  • photometric sphere – master sample making and testing of bulbs;
  • colorimeter – measurement of tri-chromatic coordinates of light colour;
  • combustion chamber – speed measurement of flame spreading;
  • thermal chambers – resistance testing to heat and thermal aging;
  • climatic chamber – temperature shocks, resistance to coldness and humidity influence;
  • salt spray chamber – testing of resistance to corrosion
  • rain chamber – testing of lamp leak tightness

Material testing

  • plastometer – testing of flow index of plastics
  • Vicat furnace – temperature testing of plastics softening
  • Izod machine – testing of plastics impact strength
  • Rockwell hardness testing machine – testing of plastics hardness
  • press-formability of metal sheets and tapes through Erichsen method

Testing of control & measure devices

  • thermometers
  • hygrometers
  • gauges
  • slide callipers
  • gap gauges
  • scales
  • stopwatches

Research Potential

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